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Harnessing your passion. We start with your heart. Define your values and commitments. Clarify your vision. 

Overcoming hurdles. We arm you with practical, proven tools to vanquish your fears and reservations.

Honing your skills. We share proven methods to build your personal capacity and design effective social impact projects. 

Producing results! We provide hands-on coaching to ensure that your actions result in meaningful, measurable change for good! You will connect with other social impact professionals and emerging changemakers who are making a difference.

Participants include students, entrepreneurs, artists, media professionals, filmmakers, teachers, law enforcement, social media influencers, social justice advocates, leaders, environmentalists, emerging changemakers, social workers, craftsmen, politicians. Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X - all people and generations who are committed to our collective potential.

About Our Program

Transform your passion into strategic action that creates positive change in your organization, your community, and in the world.

Our methodology – proven in over 68 countries – enables everyday citizens to produce lasting, measurable results at scale.



Live online education guaranteed to supercharge your positive impact on global well-being.



We are committed to co-creating a world that is inclusive, harmonious, and nature affirming for 1000 generations and beyond.

Our Co-Founders

Mel Wymore

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Amanda Kazzy Cryer

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Global Impact Technology


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Fulfill on a vision of dignity, compassion, and well-being for all

Activate the innate ability of each person to make a difference

Focus on root causes as well as symptoms to produce lasting results

Shift our world view and our speaking from ME to WE

Pursue win-win outcomes through co-creation rather than division and polarization


Many Efforts

Are Ineffective

So often, our attempts to make positive change produce minimal results. Movements lose steam. Protests become diffuse. Politics devolve into polarized camps.


Big Change Makers understands that change requires action on multiple fronts – within ourselves, with key stakeholders, and through the cultural norms and systems we share. We specific strategies that yield lasting, measurable results.


Many Focus on You, 

Not the World

Many educational programs focus on increasing your ability to advance your career, develop relationships, or attain personal wealth.


Our work together will activate your innate ability to have a real and lasting impact on others. As a Big Change Maker, you will experience tremendous fulfillment by contributing to your family, your community, and the world.


Most Address Symptoms,

Not Causes

Sometimes when we see a problem, we try to eliminate symptoms without even seeing the causes. This is especially true when it comes to challenges like housing, hunger, and poverty.


BCM develops our ability to discern root causes and create projects that ameliorate symptoms while also illuminating and addressing systemic causes.

Transform your passion into meaningful action. that creates positive change in your organization, your community, and in the world.

Our methodology – proven in over 68 countries – enables everyday citizens to produce  lasting, measurable results at scale.

Problems We Solve

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